Monday, February 19, 2018

Sci-Fi Short Film "Seam" presented by DUST

Mecha Monday : 1/100th Scale Destroid Reference, Part 2

Well, here's some more 1/100th Scale scaled-up Destroid goodness. You might remember the green-colored armor on the right as a Spartan, or a Gladiator, or an Archer, depending on whether you followed Macross, Robotech, or Battletech, respectively.

1/100th Scale Destroid Reference, Part 2

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Mecha Monday :

The term mecha (メカ, meka) may refer to both scientific ideas and science fiction genres that centers on robots or machines controlled by people. Mechas are typically depicted as "walker" types of mobile robots.

These machines vary greatly in size and shape, but are distinguished from vehicles by their humanoid or biomorphic appearance and size—bigger than a human. Different subgenres exist, with varying connotations of realism. The concept of Super Robot and Real Robot are two such examples found in Japanese anime. The term may also refer to real world piloted humanoid robots/non-humanoid robotic platforms, either currently in existence or still on the drawing board (i.e. at the planning or design stage). Alternatively, in the original Japanese context of the word, "mecha" may refer to mobile machinery/vehicles (including aircraft) in general, manned or otherwise.


GZG UPDATE - SUNDAY 11th February 2018:

We will be at HAMMERHEAD on the 3rd March!
For the first time, we will be attending the HAMMERHEAD show at Newark Showground on Saturday March 3rd; we will be in the main building (the George Stephenson Hall).
 Since the demise of Sheffield Triples, I have been very conscious of the fact that we haven't been doing any shows north of London, and this means we have missed out on seeing a whole lot of regular and new customers - so, this year we are venturing North of Watford Gap as far as Newark - and we really hope that we will see many of the old faces that we used to meet at Triples, plus hopefully a lot of new people who may not have had the chance to attend a show where we are trading. All reports say that HAMMERHEAD is a very good show, and well worth getting along to - the only reason we haven't been along before has been clashes with other (non-GZG-related) things - so we really hope to see lots of you there!
 As usual, we will be bringing as much stock as possible of our best sellers, the 15mm ranges (V15, SG15, Moongrunt etc) and the "major" Full Thrust fleets (NAC, NSL, FSE, ESU, Crusties, Merchants, UNSC, Japanese, ScanFed, Phalon and Sa'Vasku) - lack of space both in the van and on the tradestand means that I CANNOT bring stocks of the 25mm ranges, the 6mm, or the other smaller FT fleets.
Should you wish us to bring along a pre-order for you of any of those ranges, that can be arranged, but PLEASE email me (Jon) with as much notice as possible before the date of the show - to leave me enough time to cast them up, any pre-orders should be with me by Sunday 18th Feb at the latest please.
 With the show only three weeks away, I am having to spend a lot of time getting stock levels back up after the Christmas and New Year orders rush - so while I shall still be trying to keep mailorders as up to date as possible, please understand that there may be some minor delays - especially on orders for ranges that I'm not casting up for show stock.
I hope to have a batch of NEW RELEASES to launch at HAMMERHEAD, which will then be available for mailorder as soon as possible after the show - then just a month later it will be time for SALUTE, more details about that later!  There will be more info on the Hammerhead releases very shortly….
Thanks for reading,
Jon (GZG), Sunday 11th Feb 2018.

Broken Stars & Burning Ships: Stargrunt 15mm Armored Alien Infantry (or are they...

Broken Stars & Burning Ships: Stargrunt 15mm Armored Alien Infantry (or are they...: Just a quick showcase of my latest stab at painting Ground Zero Games' Crusty aliens in armored environmental suits.  I've painted t...

Friday, January 26, 2018

15mm Wargaming for Fun and Sanity: RS Mercenaries on Mars 4 Headed of at the Pass

15mm Wargaming for Fun and Sanity: RS Mercenaries on Mars 4 Headed of at the Pass: Number 4! The main battle's over and the strewn and steaming bodies of the young acolytes are found.  There follows wailing, gnashin...

15mm Wargaming for Fun and Sanity: FL Mercenaries on Mars 3 Town Panning

15mm Wargaming for Fun and Sanity: FL Mercenaries on Mars 3 Town Panning: Number 3 , is a near re-run of game 1. The objective is the same. We must presume that another troop is advancing from a different direct...

Plastic Soldier Company acquires Armies Army


Plastic Soldier Company acquires Armies Army

We are delighted to announce that Plastic Soldier Company has acquired Armies Army and its superb range of high quality 15mm Modern resin and metal vehicles and infantry. All products are now available to buy in the Modern section of the Plastic Soldier Company webstore:-
The introduction of this resin and metal range will complement our plastic range and provide many additional options for us. The range will be introduced over the next few weeks with many items available today.

There is an absolute treasure trove of unreleased vehicles which we will roll out over the coming months plus Keith will continue to design new stuff for us. Our newly acquired extensive CAD data library will also give us the ability to produce selected kits and conversion packs in other scales - 20mm and 10mm....................

and plastic..............

Roll on Battlegroup Northag!


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