Monday, February 20, 2017

Броня России. Фильм 7. Основной танк Т-64А

Нацгвардия получила партию модернизированных танков Т-64 "Булат" и афроа...

Ukrainian tank T-64BV // Український танк Т-64БВ

Tanker's Tuesday: T-64 Main Battle Tank

Development of the T-64 main battle tank commenced in 1954. First production tanks were delivered to the Soviet Army in 1963. Officially it was adopted only in 1967. It was publicly revealed in 1970. Over 6 000 of these MBTs off all versions were built. During its introduction the T-64 was a very advanced tank, but had a number of significant drawbacks. It was never exported outside the Soviet Union. Currently it is in service with Ukraine (~ 1 500) and Uzbekistan (100). Russia had a couple of thousands T-64 tanks in storage, however some sources report, that by 2013 most of them have been scrapped. Some sources also report that in the early 2000s about 10 of these tanks were supplied from Uzbekistan to Angola, however this sale is not confirmed. In 2014 Ukraine sold 50 tanks to Congo. It was the first ever official export sale of this tank. In 2014 upgraded Ukrainian Army T-64 tanks have seen combat during ongoing military conflict in Ukraine. Also since 2014 a large number of Russian T-64 tanks have been supplied to Russia-backed separatists in Eastern Ukraine.

T-64 Main Battle Tank

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tanker's Tuesday: Itailan Tanks WWII



From 1927 to the Ethiopian invasion

By 1918, FIAT and Ansaldo were the only industrial complexes large enough to deal with tank production. The first model produced for the Royal Army (Regia Esercito) was a local derivative of the French Renault FT, called FIAT 3000. These vehicles were ready in 1922, and served well to forge Italian interwar armored tactics. A variant developed in 1930, armed with the Vickers-Termi 37 mm (1.46 in) gun, named FIAT 3000B. Both formed the bulk of the Italian army corp, until new models arrived in 1935. From there on, official designations incorporated “Carro Armato or “CA”, meaning “armored carriage” and an abbreviation composed of the army model designation( L for “Leggera”, M for “Medio”, P for “Pesante”), the weight and the year of first production.

Itaian Tanks WWII

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

New Troops From BLACKSTAR Barracks

The latest in from BLACKSTAR Barracks, on top GZG Out Rim Coalition Marines
next three photos are 15mm Micropanzer Gitungi.

Tanker's Tuesday: Strangest Tanks in History

Utmost Intimidation: The Power to Terrify - First World War Tanks

In the first part of this series we saw some strangely-shaped armored vehicles from the first idea of a tank to real-world pre-WW1 war machines. The 1900s were perhaps the most fascinating period in tank history as nothing on the engineering side was "cast in stone" yet and the resulting shapes were wildly unpredictable. It was a time of experimentation, shifting ideas and a constant flow of prototypes. Now we come to the point in history when all this frightening potential had to become a sinister reality and a race to the top "number of casualties" from a particular machine...

Dark Roasted Blend.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Mr. Harold's Mini Review - Khurasan Miniatures Tracked SuperHeavy Tank a...

Unique Human 15mm SCI FI Army (Infantry Reinforcements part 2 )

The grunts needed transport so Khurasan Miniatures came to the rescue!

A  large and heavily armored APC with conventional tracked propulsion for "Blue" forces to carry large numbers of troopers in body armor directly to the fight. Rapid fire plasma cannon, possible commander's hatch, brackets for the missile boxes and close defense Gatling gun are pewter, the remainder of the kit is resin (the resin castings are extremely clean and require very, very little cleanup).

A platoon deal at a lower price is also available for four kits.

Heavy Tracked APC

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tanker's Tuesday : M51 Sherman


The M51 Sherman

By 1961 the Israeli ordered the new and more powerful French 105 mm Modèle F1 gun. However due to their lenght, these were modified for the use in Shermans, the barrel was reduced from 56 caliber to 44 and equipped with a muzzle brake while ammunition was altered to use a smaller cartridge. However the nature of the conversions, also based on Cummins M4A1s were married with modified M4(76) turrets. By 1965 the new tanks named officially M51 Sherman but also “Super Sherman” and the “Isherman” (or Israeli Sherman) was revealed to the public in a Independence Day ceremony in 1965. 180 Shermans were so converted. By this time M50/51 constituted the bulk of the Israeli tank force, prior to obtain the British Centurion.

M51 Sherman

M50 Super Sherman

M 51 Sherman

M51 Super Sherman in action at Santa Fe event 2010 .wmv