Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tanker's Tuesday: Griffin Technology Demonstrator

Defense contractor General Dynamics has unveiled a new armored vehicle designed to fulfill a U.S. Army requirement for a new light tank. The Griffin Technology Demonstrator is designed to be a lightweight, fast-moving vehicle with a powerful gun that's made to support light infantry troops on the battlefield.

General Dynamics Griffin

General Dynamics Griffin US Army Light Tank, #2

AUSA 2016 - General Dynamics Griffin: Don’t Call It A Tank (It’s Totally...

Sunday, January 8, 2017

The "Red" Brown Water Navy

Just picked up a nice Soviet flotilla at a great price from
chloe20001 on ebay

2 each BK1124/85
2 each BK1124/76
2 each BK1125/76
2 each BK1124/76
2 each BK1125/85

Armies Army: The countdown is over

Armies Army: The countdown is over......
ArmiesArmy KickOff...
: The countdown is over........ ArmiesArmy KickOff is now officlly open!!!! This is ArmiesAtmy first ever...

Heavy Gear RAFM 1:87 Tanks x8, Tons of Infantry, DP9

Latest Ebay grab:
x4 Klemm Light Tanks
x4 Hunn Light Tanks
Lots of Southern Army: Infantry, Snipers, Heavy Wpns
Lots of Northern Army: Infantry, Snipers, Heavy Wpns, Motorcycles
Lots of extra weapons
x4 Extra wheeled vehicles (Not RAFM, but are to scale)

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Tanker's Tuesday : Strv-103

The “S-Tank”, an historical landmark?

The Strv-103 is one of a kind, concentrating so many innovative solutions and new ideas into one vehicle, that to this day it has left an unmistakable imprint in tank design, according to most experts. It was a rather original solution to the very unique national defense issues of Sweden during the cold war. Sweden chose to adopt the tank best suited for the landscape it was to fight on, this in turn produced an unconventional solution: a self propelled gun used as a main battle tank, classed and recognised as one despite its obvious lack of turret. It succeeded in this category by concentrating many technological breakthroughs that rendered this paradox possible.


S tank greatest ever

Turretless Swede - Strv-103

Tanks-The STRV-103-S Tank-Swedish-Main Battle Tank

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Donald Featherstones Solo Wargaming

A bit of nostalgia here, and perhaps somewhat dated but
a welcome addition to my war games library none the less!
I was very happy to find this on Amazon.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tanker's Tuesday: Frederick IV Class Land Dreadnought

In keeping with my "All Quiet On The Martian Front" project and stealing liberally
from other sources, namely the BBC 's "THE GREAT MARTIAN WAR" . I thought
I'd do a German faction since I already had this monster built several years ago......) 

The reports that the Prussians were constructing a huge
heavily armed land iron clad at their workshop in Dioscuria
where proven correct today.

See First Report:

The German government pledges that this new weapon will
only be used to engage Martian Tripods........
As reported earlier the Prussians are constructing a huge
heavily armed land iron clad at their workshop in Dioscuria.
Over the last several weeks large containers have been seen
being delivered to the Prussian holdings in Dioscuria from
Germany. These shipments although done with the greatest
of security, some of the markings on the containers have been
seen to be from the KRUPP manufactures in Essen, Germany.
Other containers were obviously of massive steam engine parts,
along with large amounts of sheet steel.
*Please note that as one of the competition rules is not to
post photos, I will hold back until the end of the 80 days.
The Frederick IV Class Land Dreadnought is a unique design
with a Tripod killing 150mm forward firing gun, two turret mounted
77mm guns and two sponson mounted 77mm guns, two quick
firing 45mm guns, and 3 Maxim machine guns. The design has
two steam boilers and two tracked drive trains The final stages
of construction are nearly completed.