Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Brazos Evil Empire: Making Starguard Amerons In 15mm (Update)

Brazos Evil Empire: Making Starguard Amerons In 15mm: Many years ago I started out with a set of rules that still exists (WOW) called : Starguard! This is the granddaddy of all science ficti...

What I ordered, should be here by Thursday!

3 SG15-BR12 - SG15-BR12 (£2.50)

3 SG15-BR11 - SG15-BR11 (£2.50)

3 SG15-BR10 - SG15-BR10 (£2.50)

3 SG15-BR09 - SG15-BR09 (£2.50)

3 SG15-BR08 - SG15-BR08 (£2.50)

3 SG15-BR07 - SG15-BR07 (£2.50)

3 SG15-BR06 - SG15-BR06 (£2.50)

2 SG15-BR05 - SG15-BR05 (£2.50)

3 SG15-BR04 - SG15-BR04 (£2.50)

3 SG15-BR03 - SG15-BR03 (£2.50)

5 SG15-BR02 - SG15-BR02 (£2.50)

5 SG15-BR01 - SG15-BR01 (£2.50)

2 SG15-K26 - SG15-K26 (£3.75)

3 SG15-K24 - SG15-K24 (£5.00)

And I went with some original STARGUARD equipment as they were

very small and should fit with 15mm with a little modification

Light Gun Car : 9 
Ameron Spigot Mortar Set Gun & Tender 

Infantry Fighting Vehicles (Top Ten)

The Heavy Tank

The Medium Tank

Tanker's Tuesday : Tank Technical Design

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Zone Troopers (1985) - Complete Film

When their platoon is attacked only The Sarge, Joey, Mittens, Dolan remain. When they're lost behind enemy lines, Joey thinks he's seen alien in the clear blue moonlight. The next morning, Joey has been unable to convince his friends of what he saw. Mittens and Dolan (thinking the creature was actually a deer) go on a hunt to find food, but they find a seemingly abandoned Nazi camp containing images and studies of a mysterious space craft in the deep forest, sadly they're captured before warning the others. As this happens, The Sarge and Joey discover the UFO themselves along with an alien creature following their every move. Is this alien friend or foe?

German Paratroopers attack Russian HQ

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

15mm Dune Project

I just picked up a large lot of Alternate Armies HOF
post apocalyptic figures.

X1 HoF 18 - Post Apocalyptic Command
X5 HoF 19b - Post Apocalyptic Support SAW
X5 HoF 19c - Post Apocalyptic Support RPG
X5 HoF 19d - Post Apocalyptic Support Flamethrower
X3 HoF 20 - Post Apocalyptic Warriors 2
X3 HoF 21 - Post Apocalyptic Assault
X6 HoF 55 - Post Apocalyptic Warriors
X3 HoF 78 - Arid World Warriors

Adding these to my Rebel Minis Sahadeen Army....Now I need some 

X2 Sahadeen Gun Team      MAS2      
X2 Sahadeen Infantry      MAS1       
X2 Sahadeen Heavy Weapons  MAS3      
X2 Sahadeen Command pack  MAS5        

Monday, December 4, 2017

28mm Starship And Interior

By Jerry Leonard, posted in Battleboards Wargaming Terrain on FB
A truly awesome piece of work of a 28mm Starship with interior.